Contact Centre

  • 24/7 Capabilities
  • Multi-lingual over 23 languages
  • Reservations & Ticketing
    • E-mail
    • Telephone
    • Social Media
    • Live-chat
  • Loyalty programme
  • Refunds/ACMs/ADMs
  • Customer support & complaint management
  • Crisis management
  • Outbound call campaigns
  • Flight disruption management
  • Medical/media coordination
  • VIPs
  • Call recording & quality assurance evaluations
  • Call completion reporting and analysis

Cost Management

Cost Reduction - Our Companies have a proven record of reducing costs for our airline and cruise lines partners in the Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific markets.

Customize - We will work with you to understand your needs and tailor-make the best costing model to suit your requirements.

Flexibility - We can work with, or suggest various GSA structures to provide you with maximum return for minimum cost.

Growth - We can utilize our global network to provide economy of scale savings to help you grow and expand into other regions.

Sales & Distribution

We pride ourselves on working with our customers to ensure a strong focus is maintained on quality revenue generation.

As you strive for new markets, new products, upselling and identifying high yield customers, we keep pace with this focus through agreed reviews on conversion and revenue targets.

Single-mindedness on sales underpins all activities across the business including employee selection, employee training, on the job training, leadership training, tracking and monitoring of results, leveraging state of art technology to drive behaviors and performance. Celebrating and sharing successes is also a proven motivator for an engaged and high-performing team.


We provides regular and tailor-made comprehensive reports to our partners Including:

  • Historical BSP & Flown Data
  • Trends and forecasts
  • Budget vs Actuals Revenue Tracking
  • Market Updates
  • Sales & Marketing Activities
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Top performers per market segmentation
  • Benchmarking
  • Media and advertising reports


We work with leading, innovative partners to provide cutting-edge technology ensuring we can deliver the best service possible to our airline's clients:

Aviation Online are experts in all major GDS including Amadeus, Sabre & Galileo, as well as many airline-specific systems.

Our telecommunications partner Avaya provides us with state-of-the art systems, delivering superior reporting capabilities and intelligent contact routing including:

  • customer prioritization
  • skills-based routing
  • customer recognition via attached data
  • softphone screen pops

Passenger Revenue Accounting

Our team of specialists proficient in all passenger and cargo Revenue Accounting processes:

  • Sales Data Processing
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Fare Audit
  • Interline Settlement and Refunds
  • Passenger revenue accounting
  • Fare audit of interline settlement via the IATA SIS platform.
  • Courier, mail and Aircraft ground Handling Accounting Processes.
Global footprint of AOL