About Us

Aviation Online is an Airline Representation company based in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Cruise Online, is specialist cruise division of Aviation Online are a Cruise representation company with offices based in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Both companies are looked after by the Cassar family who carry with them over 30 years of travel industry experience catered to sustaining quality and dedicated Airline and Cruise representation services.

We employ an experienced team of professional management staff with proven track records from senior positions with reputable airlines and cruises and established industry relationships.

Our head office in Sydney, provides reservations, ticketing, marketing, and sales. Toll free phone lines enable us to meet total market coverage in Australia and New Zealand with leading edge equipment. Branch offices in Melbourne, Perth and Suva handle passenger, travel agency servicing, and commercial accounts.

We service all our partners across Australia and New Zealand through strategic alliances with major industry companies, agencies, chains, corporate accounts, government agencies, hotels, and airlines.

For more details or enquiries about our airline and cruise representation services in Australia, New Zealand, South West Pacific, China and Europe, please contact us.